Max and I had been wanting to get a puppy for a good while, since last year. We had been looking for a puppy, researching different breeds and checking out nearby shelters and online adoption agencies. After not finding any particular dog that we were very interested in we decided to go with a breeder. Initially I wanted to go with a breeder but the specific types of dogs that I was (and am still) interested in were extremely pricey. My breeds of choice are Welsh terriers, Wire Fox Terriers, and Goldendoodles. With these breeds out of reach due to pricing we found a Yorkshire Terrier breeder in a city not too far from ours. We went to visit the breeder’s home to see the puppies she had available. Max and I were drawn to the puppy that we ended up taking home. He was different than all of the other dogs, and he seemed a lot more calm and relaxed.

Calvin became ours on Labor Day (September 5th) 2016. Our family is now comprised of three members.

This little guy is a huge responsibility. Now I realize why parents are so hesitant to get their children pets. They are tough work. I imagine that this is similar (although I am sure not nearly as challenging) as having a real baby. He is so dependent upon us and needs a lot of attention, training, and love. Calvin brings us so much joy and also along with that joy, some annoyance. I have been humbled in the process of being a dog parent for sure. There have been times where I have been so incredibly frustrated with him only to be convicted of my own sin and reminded of my good Father’s unending grace toward me. This journey has exposed the wickedness of my heart and how easily I can deny someone else grace. One morning after being frustrated with Calvin, I realized something quite beautiful. I (as a child adopted into God’s family) did not go looking for God, or seeking adoption, yet He came for me. God chose to love me and continues to despite my mistakes and disobedience. Like myself, Calvin didn’t ask to be adopted. I went looking for him knowing that he would have to be trained. How dare I be so easily angered and frustrated. God is so kind, and so patient, and so gentle with me as I am being sanctified (in Calvin’s case I should be patient and long-suffering with him as he is being trained and as he is learning). God brings about some beautiful reminders in ordinary ways. I suppose that is what sanctification is. Being made into the image of Jesus throughout our daily lives.


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