Anniversary Getaway

Our two year anniversary was November 22nd and in celebration of it we had an extended weekend getaway. We had an eventful road trip, a getaway that came at a great time.

Upon returning from Hume, life has pretty much been non stop. This time away with just us two was a great way to spend time together and get away from all that life is at home.


We began right after work on a Thursday (and I was off of work Friday due to holiday so that worked out great). Max and I drove up to Sacramento for For Today’s farewell tour. That was our third time seeing For Today together. As usual the show was great but also bittersweet because of the finality of it. Here is a not so great concert photo:

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That night was spent in Sacramento and from there we headed up the good old I-5 North with Portland as our next destination. Mind you I had no idea that the 5 is as long as it is. I obviously don’t leave home much.

The drive was peaceful and scenic. There’s a lot of open space once you leave the bubble that is the Bay Area. We live in such a densely populated area whose cities are in fairly close proximity.

A bathroom break lead us to a quaint place called Oakland, Oregon. We found a sweet little Pop shop that had old vintage charm with an ice cream and shake bar.

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Eugene was our next big stop. There we had Sizzle Pie and joyfully paid an even fee for our food due to no sales tax in Oregon. (YES!!!!!!) Sizzle Pie is delicious, it’s comparable to Pizza My Heart. The selection at Sizzle Pie is a lot different though. They offer vegan options and have a bar. The mood of Eugene was so  different than that which I am used to where we live. People seemed comfortable with who they are and not focused on appearances or status, so much more secure I suppose. During our stroll we saw a sign that had some choice words to say about Trump. A kind stranger told me to “watch out for that dry puddle” which absolutely made me look. HAHA.


Once we reached Portland we stopped at the well known doughnut shop Voodoo Doughnuts. It was my first time there! It was TASTY. (Sugar overload, I’m not big on sweets). That night there was a huge peaceful protest going on in response to the election. That was definitely a sight to see and something that we will never forget. Bridges were closed, and there was a swat team on standby. Our Hotel was near the airport which wasn’t too far from downtown. While in Portland we got to visit some sweet friends of ours who just moved out there. Portland was my favorite city during our time away. Like Eugene the culture is just so different than that of the Bay Area. So much more free. I didn’t feel as though people were judging me based on my appearance, the clothes I wore, the car we drive. It didn’t seem to be about status and people were friendly. The rain was beautiful. Stumptown Coffee, The Saturday Market, and Powell’s Books were among our stops in Portland. From here we made our way up to Seattle.


We had arranged to meet with some family near Bellvue where we were staying. Our stay in Bellevue lasted two nights. We spent time all over Downtown Seattle. The legendary Pike’s place is busy and has much to offer. Per our friend’s recommendation we stopped at Storyville coffee where we had the most delicious coffee. Some serious shopping took place as well as lots of walking.

Monday was spent driving back home. We got in at around 10:30pm and were back to work the next morning.

Longing for more of the PNW. Oregon and Washington are stunning states.

Thankful for two years of covenant keeping with a man who is an incredible husband. God’s redemption in my life and restoration of our marriage is nothing short of miraculous.

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