Nut Milk Recipe


1 cup of Nuts of your choice (I use plain organic cashews)

4 cups of water


a nut milk bag

a blender

a large mixing bowl

a container that you are able to seal (mason jar etc.)

Optional: Raw Honey or other sweetener to taste (I do not sweeten mine)

Many store-bought nut milks are full of harmful additives like synthetic vitamins, sweeteners, inflammatory vegetable oils, homogenizing agents, and the like. The ingredient carrageenan which is in many nut milks could be causing inflammation, gut irritation, and even cancer.


Pour the water into the large mixing bowl

Add the cup of your choice of nuts to the bowl

Allow nuts to soak for 8 hours. Soaking the nuts in water sprouts them. This increases vitamin content and makes the nuts easier to digest. If you are using hemp seeds soaking is unnecessary.

After soaking pour contents of mixing bowl into blender and blend on high for one minute.

Once contents are blended grab your container (which you will store your nut milk in) place the nut milk bag in the container. I roll mine up and wrap it around the mouth of the container, adding a rubber band around the mouth will help keep the bag up.

Begin to pour the contents of the blender into the container. It will take some time for the milk to get through the strainer. Once you have poured all of the contents into your container remove the nut bag and squeeze all remaining nut milk into the container.

If you do choose to sweeten your nut milk now would be the time to add desired amount of sweetener of your choice.

Note: I only use 3 cups of water so that the milk turns out creamier. 😉

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