Seasonal Allergies

IMG_B526066B17FB-1Max gets terrible allergies during this time of year.

We put together a roller blend of Young Living‘s Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint Essential Oils. For this blend I add 10 drops of each oil & I fill the rest with a carrier oil (Jojoba, coconut, sweet almond, etc.). He rolls it on his neck and chest throughout the day and it provides great support. These three oils as well as the roller fitment come in the Premium Starter Kit. I save my empty bottles for many reasons, one of which is to make my own blends.IMG_1856334EC11C-1


We tried Local Raw Honey. It helps him a bit but it doesn’t get rid of the profuse sneezing. So… we took things a step further. Local Pollen. People begin to ingest local pollen in order to build an immunity to it.

I love the taste of pollen! I enjoy sprinkling it on the top of my smoothies once they’re served. Max on the other hand is not so fond of the taste. I came up with the idea of putting the pollen in our clear vegetable capsules. We use our clear capsules to take our oils internally. While I can usually bear the taste of putting the oils directly in my mouth there are some that I take multiple drops of, Max just doesn’t like to put the drops directly into his mouth.


I didn’t put a specific amount of pollen in each capsule. I simply filled each one as much as I could. He is now taking two capsules per day. We store these capsules along with the rest of our pollen in our fridge to preserve freshness.


You should be able to find local pollen at your nearest health food store. For us this is Wholefoods on Blossom Hill. It’s important to ingest LOCAL pollen if you are trying to build immunity to pollen.



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