Young Living Grand Convention 2017

The journey to convention wasn’t an easy one. To put it simply I had a rough weekend prior to arriving in SLC on Monday.  Things just didn’t go as planned. It was cold and super windy, I had all of my luggage with me as I tried to figure out Salt Lake. I got there before my friends who I was sharing a house with so I had some time to kill before I could go to the house. I was not so happy. So much to the point that I wanted to go home. Finding a flight back home was a serious thought of mine. Max and I talked about how much we had spent and sacrificed in order for me to be there. I knew I couldn’t just go back home. Looking back, if I would have gone back home that first day I would still be in the ugly negative place that I was in.

I ate brunch at a place called Pulp which had a roll up door that opened up to the sidewalk. I sat right in front of that opening. There seems to be a lot of restaurants in Salt Lake that have roll up doors.




Once I met up with my friends their good energy and positivity changed everything. I didn’t feel run down or sad anymore. The mood was great and the company was pleasant. In such a short time I felt so bonded to my friend Michelle who I had only met once before.

I met so many amazing people and made some special memories with them. There were a few people from online that I also met irl! (Christie Rose, Dr. Cole Woolley, and Dr. Carolyn Mein from the oil famous blue book)

One person from my organization’s Facebook group recognized me and asked if I was Bobbie. That was a new experience. 🙂

Monday was pretty restful after my long journey of traveling all over SLC down to Draper (where we stayed).  I unpacked, showered, and went out to grab some dinner.


Tuesday was our farm day at the Mona Utah Lavender farm. We got to explore the farm, plant baby lavender plants, see the distillery, the Seed to Seal process, eat Lavender ice cream, and I tried my first NingXia Zyng! Being able to see the farm was an incredible experience that I will never forget. The transparency of Young Living truly sets them apart from all others. This is one of the many reasons why we are the leading essential oil company in the world. Prior to Gary Young coming on the scene no one was using essential oils for therapeutic purposes. Many previous executives said that the farms were costing too much money. Well we still have our farms. That is one of the many things that sets Young Living apart. WE HAVE FULL CONTROL OVER ALL OF OUR PRODUCTS. No other company can say that. There is simply no comparison.

I got to plant some Lavender!

Hearing Gary Young speak did all sorts of things to my heart and my emotions. I was low-key crying most of the time he spoke.


I learned so much during the stadium rallies that were held at The Rice-Eccles Stadium and watching Carrie Underwood perform was so much fun!

There were so many great things that he said here are a few that  I wrote down.

“Know where you’re going and be ready for what’s ahead.”

“You don’t lay down because you’re tired, if you want to be successful you keep going.”

“If you want to succeed get in the race and don’t look back!”

— D. Gary Young


I sure picked a great year to go to convention…. We released over 50 new products. YES MAKE UP is among these new additions.



Convention itself was incredible on top of that the moments that I shared with friends in the process were unforgettable and life altering. I’m not sure where I stand in terms of believing that prophecy still exists, but my friend said some things to me that made me cry for days after she said them. She didn’t know much about my situation but spoke with such truth. Whew.

If you ever get the chance to go to Convention or even visit one of Young Living’s farms I urge you to!

I don’t feel like this blog post does my trip justice, but I hope that you walk away from it inspired.

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