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If you are the least bit involved in the Young Living community then I am sure you have heard at least one person rave about NingXia Red. Here is why…

via Ningxia Red: 4 Reasons it is the BOMB!! — Doctor Jim Bob Haggerton

Ningxia Red! Top 4 Reasons why it is THEBOMB.COM!!!

Let’s be honest….life is STRESSFUL.  Even on the best of days with 5 kids and two businesses plus traveling and teaching….it’s stressful.  So we need all the antioxidant support we can get every single day.  Enter Ningxia Red.

Your body is created perfectly (I’m going to pound this into your head) and can heal itself day in and day out, but a bi-product of normal daily function is a thing we call Free Radicals.  (read about them here)  This is why we need antioxidants.  But I’m getting ahead of myself!  I’m going to give you my top 4 reasons why Ningxia is such an amazing addition to your supplement schedule.

Now one disclaimer…the core four needs that everyone has (Fish Oil, Probiotics, Vit D, Greens Product)…Ningxia is not one of those.  BUT it is a close fifth and this is one thing that I think everybody should be able to add in. Kids should be on it. Older patients should be on it. Teens should be on it. Women should be on it. Men should be on it. All of you should be on it because it’s that good and it’s got that many nutrients in it.


#1:  Ningxia is a Macro Nutrient

Ningxia Red is a macronutrient. I want you to understand what this means, okay? So if you go into an office and you ask them to help you with nutrition, there are two different schools of thought as it pertains to nutrition.

  1. Micro Nutrition: In this model, each individual nutrient is taken out of the whole and looked at in a very reductionistic, ultra specific view.  Sometimes it is very beneficial and I’m not saying there are times you need an exact milligram dosing of calcium or potassium but this is just not how the body is created.  An example of micro nutrition would be trying to isolate the exact mineral or nutrient out of an apple that is helpful for XYZ thing instead of just enjoying the dang apple!

  2. Macro Nutrition:  This is the model that we follow and is a totally different view of health and how it works with nutrition.  In the macro model…even though individual nutrients are important, it teaches that the bulk of your nutrition should come from FOOD based sources.  Getting them like you would in your diet (even if they are concentrated) makes it easier to process and you will absorb more of the nutrition in what you are eating.  This model doesn’t get bogged down with each individual nutrient in the apple…they eat the apple!

A great example I like to use when I teach on this is good ‘ol water.  So water is comprised of two units of hydrogen and one of oxygen.  Right?  Remembering your organic chemistry?? 😉  So let’s say for an example that you had a fire in your home.  If we take water as it is created and throw it on the fire, what happens?  The fire goes out.  But if we try and outsmart creation and take it apart and we through straight oxygen on that fire, what happens?? It gets WORSE!  And if we throw hydrogen on that fire we are going to light up the entire block!  So you can see where keeping things in the order they are created in is super important.

#2:  Ningxia Red is a LIQUID

So if every one of you who read this blog did a digestive function test with me…about 95-98% of you would come back with a weak or deficient digestive system.  SURPRISE!!!  But it’s true.  Because of medications, stress, and processed foods (thank you advances in civilization) our digestive system and it’s function is under constant attack.  Because of this, it’s hard for your system to absorb everything you ingest or every nutrient from every supplement you take.

So in a liquid form it’s basically pre-digested. It’s why smoothies and juices are so beneficial.  When you get it in a liquid form you absorb it faster because the body doesn’t have to break it down, and that’s huge.

#3:  Ningxia has TONS of Antioxidants

Very first thing in the blog I talked a second about the fact that our bodies product Free Radicals every single second we are alive.  You can think of Free Radicals as our “exhaust system”.  Is the exhaust that is coming out of the tail pipe on your car every day normal?  Of course it is..  But what would happen if we capped the tail pipe and didn’t let your engine process that exhaust out?? Your car would die right at the light you were sitting at.

Our bodies are much the same way.  If we don’t have a way to clear out those free radicals from our system will age quicker and eventually create symptoms and disease.  So what do we do??

Welllll….remember how I told you that your body was created PERFECTLY??  It was.  So inside every one of your cells you have antioxidant “generators” like Super Oxide Dismutase that work tirelessly every second of every day to wipe out as many free radicals as they can.  Only problem is that with the amount of free radicals we produce in a day..our bodies can’t keep up.  So we need extra antioxidants in our food and supplements to help with the fight.

Every single type of food or nutrient has a specific amount of antioxidants to it (mostly).  The scoring system to this is called the ORAC scale.  So to give you perspective:  Blueberries have an ORAC score of 2,000.  Ningxia red has a ORAC score of over 30,000!!!!  That’s a TON!

#4:  Ningxia contains Essential Oils

Our supplements from Young Living are what we call “Infused” products.  Meaning…every supplement is paired with complementary essential oils in them.  This is so that you get the benefit of pure 100% therapeutic grade essential oils, and because it also increases the absorption rate of the product they are in. WIN WIN!

There are 4 different essential oils in Ningxia.  You have orange essential oil, yuzu, lemon and tangerine.  Look up all of the benefits of those 4 oils.  But basics for all they support:  pH, blood sugar, digestion, and immunity.

Dosing on Ningxia Red is 1-2 oz per day depending on the person.  Kids normally are always recommended at 1/2 the adult dose so take that into account.


Now second thing, on kids that are old enough to be able to do it or old enough to drink it, yeah, so starting with solids and stuff, they’re already getting fruit juices, you’re already giving them that. Give them Ningxia, right? So if you have kids that are a little bit older then you want to normally do like a great rule of thumb is whatever the adult dose is then for kids you do a half of that. So like if the adult dose is two ounces, which it is, then you do either a half an ounce or one ounce a day for most kids.

One question and concern I always get from people who read labels is:

“Why is there Sodium Benzoate, a preservative, in Ningixa?”

And it’s a great question.  The main answer?  Because EVERY company who makes a food based product like this is legally required to put a preservative in it.  There is .01 % of the preservative in the product so the thing is…they’re not required to even tell you about it but they do anyway because #transparency.  So here’s what your real question should be:

“Where do they get the Sodium Benzoate?”

That’s the true question.  Because every single company out there with anything liquid has to have a preservative…where they source it is the difference.  Did you know (because I originally didn’t) that Sodium Benzoate is many times synthetic (no shocker) but ALSO is naturally occurring in many foods like Cranberries and other fruits??

YL naturally sources their SB and does NOT use any synthetic preservatives in their products to ensure that you have the highest quality products on the market.

Couple of cautions with this product:

  1. The Wolfberry is a nightshade.  If you have extreme (read:  the worst) autoimmune issues then sometimes this family of products (same family as tomatoes or bell peppers) can cause extra inflammation so you need to know that.  I have never had an issue with any patient on it, but you need to know.
  2. Diabetics:  If you have blood sugar issues you need to track your sugar well and just pay attention.  You can totally use this product if you insulin isn’t perfect…but because it is a fruit puree you need to regulate it and make sure you stay in range. 

Hopefully this was helpful and gave you some points to why it is so powerful.  For specific ingredients go check it out here and do your own research on WHY those ingredients are incredible and I’ll do other posts for you on those as well.  Take care!

Dr. JB

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