Essential Charms— Lava Stone Bracelet

If you are in the essential oil world then you know that there are quite a few ways to use oils (topically, aromatically, and internally to name a few.)

Recently I was introduced to lava stone bracelets and I absolutely love mine. I have the Good impressions bracelet by Essential Charms which has Aqua Terra Jasper stones, three beige lava stone beads, and a steel cube with a drop of oil engraved into it.

Right from the start I noticed the high quality of the bracelet from the double banding to the durability. I am always on the go so anything that I wear and use must be durable. It is super sturdy, so I don’t have to worry about being cautious or gentle with it. I can go about my day as I normally would while having a super functional accessory. Functionality is another key to things that I wear since I am pretty simple when it comes to attire and accessories (I never wear earrings. The only thing that I wear besides my engagement/wedding rings are an occasional bracelet!)

I chose the Good Impressions bracelet because I love the soft calming colors. I generally wearing earth tones so this was another factor in me choosing this particular bracelet.

Since I work with children, I am constantly washing my hands which makes this bracelet the perfect option for using my oils. All I do is add a drop or two to the lava stones and taaaadaaaa ✨ I get to enjoy all of the benefits of my oils. (The first photo was taken while working. It goes so well with my work uniform)

You can learn more about Essential Charms HERE


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