Essential Oil Infused Toilet Bombs

When cleaning the restroom your hope is that what you use to clean will be effective, germ fighting, and of course toxin free. Many green products on the market today are not as green as they claim to be, ineffective, or both.

Cleaning our bathroom is probably one of may least favorite chores because POOP is gross.

Usually I just whip up an easy soft scrub, which usually includes: thieves household cleaner, water, and baking soda. I decided to make these toilet bombs (which can also be used to clean tubs and sinks) for the ease of convenience. I used one this morning and it made cleaning the toilet a breeze. I simply threw the bomb in, let it fizzle out, then grabbed the toilet scrubber, and done.


Here is what you’ll need to make yours:

1½ cups of Baking Soda

½ cup of Citric Acid

20 drops of Thieves Essential Oil

1-2 tsp of water (I used thieves household cleaner that was already diluted in a small spray bottle)

A Cupcake Pan

Cupcake liners

OR you can use a silicone mold (These are really easy when it comes to removing the bombs and make the project zero waste)


1. Combine all of your dry ingredients and stir well.

2. Add Thieves essential oil and stir well.

3. Add your water or thieves household cleaner ½ teaspoon at a time. Using a spray bottle works well and makes it so that you have control over the texture of your bombs.

4. If using the cupcake sheet and liners, set each liner in each slot, and then fill each one about half way. Pressing down firmly each time you add the mixture.

If using a silicone mold simply add mixture to each mold and likewise, press down firmly.

I made a few in this gummy bear silicone mold that we use for our oil infused gummies.

5. Allow them to dry overnight, transfer over to an airtight container, and you are good to go. ✨

Try them and let me know what your thoughts are!

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