My name is Bobbie Monte. Jesus came into my life in March 2012. I am the wife of Max Monte. I married the love of my life in November 2014. We currently reside in central California where we both grew up. I am a puppy mama to Calvin. My wellness journey started just after we got married, when I began learning about the toxin filled ingredients in conventional personal care products. This changed our lives forever. We noticed changes in our over all health, by simply switching out conventional products with more natural ones. These changes naturally flowed into all aspects of our lives, from the food that we eat, to what we wash our clothing in. In October 2016 I purchased my Young Living PSK and our lives were again changed drastically. I took control of our health and gained a passion to teach others to do so as well.

Welcome to my little corner of the web! You will find posts about lifestyle, faith, Young Living Essential Oil info, recipes, healthy living tips, and more!

 Contact me at hello@bobbiethemonte.com

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