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DIY Essential Oil Infused Leave in Conditioner



1 tablespoon of Young Living’s Copaiba Vanilla Moisturizing Conditioner

3 drops of Young Living’s Lavender Essential Oil (Learn why I ONLY recommend Young Living’s Oils)

Distilled Water


Measuring spoons

2oz Amber Glass Spray bottle

Pour your conditioner into the bottle

Add your Lavender EO

Fill the rest with water




I like to give the recipe and instructions prior to me writing my own experiences or purposes. Something that bothers me to no end is looking up a recipe only to find an essay before I’m able to get the recipe.

So I’ll spare you.

This recipe is great for people with hair. It keeps your hair moisturized and smelling great without having to worry about synthetic fragrances or other nasty chemicals found in conventional products. Oh yeah, it’s also Essential Oil infused. These aren’t just any oils, they are true therapeutic grade. Young Living’s founder D. Gary Young actually coined that term “100% pure therapeutic grade”.


Enjoy & Leave Some Feedback.






DIY Essential Oil Dry Shampoo

If you are anything like me then you don’t wash your hair every day. I’m not on a particular schedule per say. I just go as long as I can until my hair gets too gross.

This Dry Shampoo will tide you over in between washes! It absorbs well and it smells amazing, plus it’s essential oil infused. Any time that oils have contact with you, you’re receiving some amazing support.

The only essential oils that I recommend are Young Living’s Essential oils. They have a Seed to Seal promise. The human’s sense of smell is unlike any other sense. The things that we smell reach the limbic system of our brains. The limbic system is the seat of the emotions. Therefore I only use the best oils on the market. Young Living has been around for over 20 years and owns their own farms and has partner farms all over the world. Their farms have very specific guidelines and standards. Learn more about that HERE.

For this recipe I used Cedarwood and Bergamot Essential oils.

Ingredients & Supplies

Young Living’s Bergamot Essential Oil

Young Living’s Cedarwood Essential Oil

-Arrowroot Powder (is what I used) or Corn Starch

If you have dark hair you can use cocoa powder instead of a white base. My hair is really dark but the arrowroot powder is so fine that the white isn’t noticeable.

-An empty spice bottle that has the shaker top. (I usually save my empties so I had mine on hand) You could also use a small canning jar and puncture holes in the lid. (If you puncture holes in the lid you won’t be able to carry this around in your purse, unless you bring the punctured top and a normal top.)


Fill your container about 3/4 of the way with your arrowroot powder or cornstarch

add 5 drops of Bergamot

add 2 drops of Cedarwood


SHAKE it like a salt shaker. (Real dang hard).

That is all.




This stuff works wonders.


Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.