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How to use Essential Oils


Hello essential oil users, oil curious, and those who have no idea what essential oils are.

Welcome welcome.

What are Essential Oils?

Essential Oils are the most powerful part of the plant.

They are distilled from:

  • Shrubs
  • Flowers
  • Trees
  • Roots
  • Bushes
  • Fruit
  • Resins
  • Herbs

Oils consist of over 100 natural organic compounds.

Oils support every system in the human body:

  • Skeletal System
  • Muscular System
  • Circulatory System
  • Endocrine System
  • Respiratory System
  • Immune System

Hormones, Brain Health, Emotions, Spiritual Support, & Stress.

ONLY Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils are capable of supporting the human body in said ways.

I only use and recommend the best essential oils on the planet… Young Living.

  • Studies have shown that oils reach the heart, liver, and thyroid in 3 seconds when inhaled.
  • Oils were found in the bloodstream in 26 seconds when applied topically.
  • Expulsion of essential oils takes place in 3-6 hours in a normal healthy body.

There are three ways to use essential oils:

Aromatically through using our sense of smell. Our sense of smell is linked directly to the amygdala which is the seat of our emotions. This is why smells have such power over us. Have you ever been taking back to a childhood memory by a certain smell? This can be done by

smelling the oil directly from the bottle

putting a few drops in your hand, rubbing hands together, then cupping over the nose

through diffusing the oils


Ingestion or “internally”

oils can be taken in a vegetable capsule

added to recipes when cooking

and added to water (for flavor and a plethora of other benefits).


You may or may not choose to use a carrier oil when applying oils topically. I rarely ever do. Not using a carrier oil is called using oils “neat”. A carrier oil is a fatty oil like avocado oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, almond oil and the like. The only time I really use carrier oils is when I create a roller blend. If you are new to using oils or have sensitive skin then I suggest you use a carrier oil. (I personally never used carriers even when I first started using oils)


Again, I only recommend use of Young Living’s essential oils because they are the absolute best. We own our own farms and have strict Seed to Seal guidelines for our partner farms, we run the most tests on our products, D. Gary Young (the founder of YL) is the only one in the world who distills oils at their best/highest frequency, we use sustainable and organic farming methods, and we never use chemicals to distill our oils we cold press and steam distill (which takes more time and obviously costs more money).

The FDA only requires that companies have 5% of the actual oil in their product in order for it to be labeled 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade. The rest can be chemicals, floral water, or carrier oils. This on top of the use of fertilizers, pesticides, and chemical solvents to extract the oil makes for a chemical soup of “essential oil” which in my opinion is extremely contradicting considering what oils are used for.

THAT IS WHY SEED TO SEAL. This is why it is so important to buy real oils. You never want to cut corners when at comes to wellness. You deserve the best.

My hope is that you have learned something new today or received some clarity.

Take care, you deserve it.





DIY Essential Oil Infused Face Wash

Finding a safe face wash can be challenging and expensive.

Learn how to create your own toxin free essential oil infused facial cleanser.

It’s not enough to remove your make up. You should also be cleansing your skin. Guilty. I don’t always use a facial cleanser after removing my make up. Most nights I feel accomplished if the dishes are done, my make up is removed and my teeth are brushed.

This foaming face wash is simple to make and convenient to use.


Here is what you’ll need:

A foaming hand soap dispenser that holds at least 8oz of liquid. (I reuse my Thieves Foaming Hand Soap dispensers)

3 oz Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Liquid Soap – Baby Unscented, 32oz.

30 Drops of the skin supporting Essential Oils of your choice – I only recommend the use of Young Living’s Essential Oils. Order your Young Living Oils HERE. I like to use Lavender and Frankincense.

1/3 cup of Distilled Water

1/2 Tsp of Witch Hazel

Combine all ingredients in soap dispenser, fasten lid, and shake.

Use 1-2 pumps per wash!


Let me know what your thoughts are.

xx Bobbie




DIY Essential Oil Infused Leave in Conditioner



1 tablespoon of Young Living’s Copaiba Vanilla Moisturizing Conditioner

3 drops of Young Living’s Lavender Essential Oil (Learn why I ONLY recommend Young Living’s Oils)

Distilled Water


Measuring spoons

2oz Amber Glass Spray bottle

Pour your conditioner into the bottle

Add your Lavender EO

Fill the rest with water




I like to give the recipe and instructions prior to me writing my own experiences or purposes. Something that bothers me to no end is looking up a recipe only to find an essay before I’m able to get the recipe.

So I’ll spare you.

This recipe is great for people with hair. It keeps your hair moisturized and smelling great without having to worry about synthetic fragrances or other nasty chemicals found in conventional products. Oh yeah, it’s also Essential Oil infused. These aren’t just any oils, they are true therapeutic grade. Young Living’s founder D. Gary Young actually coined that term “100% pure therapeutic grade”.


Enjoy & Leave Some Feedback.






DIY Essential Oil Dry Shampoo

If you are anything like me then you don’t wash your hair every day. I’m not on a particular schedule per say. I just go as long as I can until my hair gets too gross.

This Dry Shampoo will tide you over in between washes! It absorbs well and it smells amazing, plus it’s essential oil infused. Any time that oils have contact with you, you’re receiving some amazing support.

The only essential oils that I recommend are Young Living’s Essential oils. They have a Seed to Seal promise. The human’s sense of smell is unlike any other sense. The things that we smell reach the limbic system of our brains. The limbic system is the seat of the emotions. Therefore I only use the best oils on the market. Young Living has been around for over 20 years and owns their own farms and has partner farms all over the world. Their farms have very specific guidelines and standards. Learn more about that HERE.

For this recipe I used Cedarwood and Bergamot Essential oils.

Ingredients & Supplies

Young Living’s Bergamot Essential Oil

Young Living’s Cedarwood Essential Oil

-Arrowroot Powder (is what I used) or Corn Starch

If you have dark hair you can use cocoa powder instead of a white base. My hair is really dark but the arrowroot powder is so fine that the white isn’t noticeable.

-An empty spice bottle that has the shaker top. (I usually save my empties so I had mine on hand) You could also use a small canning jar and puncture holes in the lid. (If you puncture holes in the lid you won’t be able to carry this around in your purse, unless you bring the punctured top and a normal top.)


Fill your container about 3/4 of the way with your arrowroot powder or cornstarch

add 5 drops of Bergamot

add 2 drops of Cedarwood


SHAKE it like a salt shaker. (Real dang hard).

That is all.




This stuff works wonders.


Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.








Prior to changing my life and switching out conventional products for safer ones, I used to use clinical store bought deodorant. I get real sweaty. As I am sure that you already know, conventional antiperspirants contain aluminum which has been linked to breast cancer. So if you are still using conventional deodorants or antiperspirants I highly recommend that you make the switch to something natural. Aside from aluminum conventional products often contain synthetic fragrance which is extremely toxic.

“Fragrance” is a generic term found on the labels of the personal care products we use day in and day out: Products like shampoo, deodorant, lotion, and in our laundry detergent, dish soap, and makeup. But the term isn’t as innocuous as it seems.

Each of these products may have a different scent, yet the labels simply indicate one descriptor: Fragrance. Though companies are required by law to list the ingredients that make up their products, the word “Fragrance” is considered a trade secret, so companies aren’t legally bound to disclose what chemicals make up said scent. Often times, it can be dozens and even hundreds of chemicals.

SCARY. I want to know what I am putting in and on my body. This is another reason why essential oils are so great. Aside from all of the other great benefits, they smell amazing and are safe to inhale. They have no adverse affects on the human body. In fact, they actually have positive effects.

The limbic system of your brain is the seat of your emotions. It gathers information from the environment through sensory information. As you’ve experienced firsthand, many times your senses can alter your emotional state rapidly. For example, a pleasurable meal can make you feel comforted, and very loud noises can make you feel anxious.

Ever wonder why certain smells conjure up memories and even physical feelings so vividly? Our sense of smell is unique compared to our other senses (such as taste, sight and hearing) because it bypasses parts of the brain that other types of sensory information often cannot. Because of this, smells can often cause immediate and strong emotional reactions based on memories. Smells can bring us back to past events within milliseconds, making us feel a certain way based on past events, whether we realize why we’re suddenly feeling that way or not.

Essential Oils can have dramatic effects on limbic function and how you feel. This is true because the strong fragrances they hold, which are found inside volatile molecules that can make their way into your bloodstream, travel directly through the blood/brain barrier very quickly. This is why you should avoid synthetic fragrances at all costs.


After trying a multitude of natural deodorants I was left smelling like herbs and BO.

There were a few out there that worked okay…

What has worked best for me is something that you wouldn’t typically think of as deodorant.

I use Young Living’s Thieves Aromabright Toothpaste.

It only requires one application and lasts all day! It is amazing!

Because I am on Essential Rewards (the monthly auto-ship program) I get rewards points back from each purchase and I accumulate points/get free product.

I love that I don’t have to be concerned about the ingredients in any of Young Living’s products. It’s no longer the bar code scanning game with the think dirty app in regards to personal care products. Young Living is a company with integrity.


Become a member with Young Living Here!


DIY Bath Bombs Young Living Make and Take 


1/4 Cup Epsom Salt or Sea Salt

1/4 Cup Citric Acid

1/2 Cup Baking Soda

2 Tablespoons of a carrier oil (I used Sweet Almond Oil)

5 drops of the Young Living Essential Oil of your choice

A dash of food grade Organic Flowers (optional)


One Medium Sized Mixing Bowl

One Metal Whisk

Measuring Spoons

One Measuring Cup

Bath Bomb Molds (The ones that we used are pretty big, I would choose smaller ones. This recipe is only good for one if you use these molds)


1. Combine all dry ingredients (except for the flowers).

Mix with a whisk until all ingredients are evenly dispersed.

2. Once dry ingredients are dispersed evenly, add your carrier oil 

*Note: if using regular (not fractionated coconut oil) heat up your coconut oil on the stove so that it is in liquid form and cooled prior to adding to mixture. 

Continue to whisk. The consistency should be reminiscent of sand.

3. Next add 5 drops of your desired Young Living Essential Oil. We used peppermint because it is cost effective, soothing to sore muscles, refreshing, and helps create focus. We also thought it would go well with the roses. Whisk to disperse the oil evenly.

4. Add a dash of your flowers to one bath mold and pack the mixture on top of them. 

Then add the mixture to the second half of the mold.

5. This may be a little tricky for you.. grab both halves and slowly press them together at an angle.

6. Set a hair tie around the mold to keep it in place

7. Allow to sit for at least 24 hours.

Why Young Living Essential Oils?

Young Living is the leading essential oil brand. The company has been around for over 22 years. Our founder Gary Young coined the term 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade. Young Living owns its own farms and has partner farms which we allow and encourage members to visit. We have a Seed To Seal promise. From the time the seed is sourced until the oil is sealed in the bottle, we apply rigorous quality controls to ensure that you are receiving essential oils exactly the way nature intended. They are PURE. No fillers, no synthetics, no carrier oils unless otherwise stated (blends for example sometimes include a carry oil). To learn more information about Young Living or to become a member click HERE.

Where is the color?

Good question.

Fake food dyes are not only a risk in the foods that you consume. Up to 60% of what we put on our skin can be absorbed. The skin is the largest organ that we have. Being freshly shaved along with the mucous membranes of our bodies make for more easy absorption.

No thanks!


Fragrance is a big one that most people don’t know about. I myself used to be slightly obsessed with perfume. Once I learned the truth behind the words “Fragrance”, “Parfum”, and “Perfume” I threw all of my synthetically scented products away! I’m talking expensive perfumes.

 It is not worth it. 

Every choice that we make whether it is the food we eat or the chemicals that we slather on our bodies via lotion, cleansers, or shampoos have a cost. 

As I was saying, the words “Fragrance”, “Parfum”, and “Perfume” can all be interpreted as “hidden chemicals”. A major loophole in the FDA’s federal law allows manufacturers of products such as shampoo, lotion, and body wash include nearly any ingredient under those words without listing the actual chemicals. Fragrances and trade secrets are not required to be listed on labels. Phthalates (also very bad for you) are used to make fragrances last longer.

Synthetic fragrances are among the top 5 known allergens, and can cause and trigger asthma attacks. It may trigger dermatitis, respiratory distress, and can potentially have effects on the reproductive system.

Again, I urge you to check out the Think Dirty App, get scanning!

Here is a synopsis of why conventional store bought bath bombs should be avoided:

Common bath bomb fragrance ingredients are synthetic and can cause hormone disruption and increase your risk of diseases like type 2 diabetes, breast cancer and infertility, among other ailments.

Popular bath fizzy ingredients are linked to ailments like asthma, eczema, ADHD, cancer and other diseases.

Food dyes common in bath bombs can be absorbed through broken, irritated or recently shaved skin. From there, it goes straight into your bloodstream. Some food dyes are linked to cancer, ADHD, allergic reactions and more.

Common bath bomb ingredients are linked to urinary tract and vaginal yeast infections.

Glitter used in store-bought and homemade bath bombs can pollute water once they wash down the drain.

Boric acid is sometimes used in DIY bath bomb recipes and in store-bought versions. I would avoid it because there’s strong evidence it acts like a hormone disruptor in humans. It’s banned for use in cosmetics in Canada and Japan.


Set up this make and take station with the equipment ready for each person. Depending on what you desire you may have the ingredients measured out and placed in the mixing bowl prior to your guests’ arrival. You may also have your guests measure the ingredients out themselves. Either or.

If you are using this for a make and take Read the bottom informational portion to your guests before beginning the make and take process. Enjoy!

I would also recommend using plastic molds for a make and take so that your guests can take them home. The bombs are required to sit so that they take shape and stay in place.


I challenge you…

I have been on this journey to a healthy life for about two years now. I just began using Young Living Essential Oils this past October. Since beginning this journey I’ve felt strongly about the possible effects of toxins and informing people. I have a sense of urgency to tell people about the ingredients in their personal care products. I am imploring you to do the research.

You have probably read my last blog post about this. However I thought it important enough to write about it again. This time around I CHALLENGE YOU to do some research on your beloved face powder or your favorite cleaning agent.

Download the Think Dirty App and start scanning.

You will likely be very surprised. I know that when I began learning about the ingredients in my products I was terrified.

Confession time, I didn’t stop using my toxin filled products immediately. I ignored it for a little while yet. It did keep me up at night.

This isn’t to scare you into wellness. I write this blog post because I think that we as people have a right to know what we are putting on and inside of our bodies.

Many of us are careful about the foods we eat and are sure to be physically active, yet literally bathing in toxic chemicals.

Some would argue that toxins are unavoidable. This is true.

Why wouldn’t you do your part?

Why wouldn’t you want to reduce the amount of chemicals entering your body?


“Scientists are only beginning to investigate how certain chemicals may interact to contribute to cancer development. But given that we live in a sea of chemicals, it makes sense to begin reducing exposures to ones we know are bad actors.” – EWG

Cancer is rampant in our day and age and illnesses that were not around before are surfacing.

Do your part. You won’t regret wellness and it’s never too late to change.

Your transition into safer products does not have to be immediate. It is a process. You don’t have to throw all of your products out (You can if you can afford to;) ). Once you find which cleaner products work for you shopping will become so much easier. One (of many things) that I love about Young Living’s Essential rewards, is that I don’t have to question the safety of their products and I get a percentage of my purchase back in reward points!

Do some research and be mindful of Greenwashing. Greenwashing is when a company throws the words organic, natural, or Paraben free around in hopes of being considered safe. Don’t settle for that, check the ingredients! The word fragrance itself is so misleading. Fragrance or Parfum or any similar variation is an engineered scent or flavoring agent that may contain any combination of 3,000-plus stock chemical ingredients, including hormone disruptors and allergens. Fragrance formulas are protected under federal law’s classification of trade secrets and therefore can remain undisclosed. Found in: all types of cosmetics and cleaners.

It’s really sick that companies trade secrets are regarded as more important than our health and the disclosure of these chemicals.
The way that I see it is pay now in regards to organic foods and safer products being more costly or pay later with the decline of your health and medical bills.