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Natural DIY Vapor Rub

It’s fall! So it’s time to do more things to keep above the wellness line. Among these things are being religious about taking our probiotic (Young Living’s Life 9), applying thieves essential oil multiple times a day, taking thieves vitality internally, and using this natural vapor rub.

Store bought vapor rubs contain an ingredients that are considered carcinogenic, man made forms of menthol (synthetic fragrance is real bad for ya), and petroleum jelly which was first found at the bottom of oil rigs. Not necessarily something that I want to slather on myself. If you don’t know, you don’t know. People do the best they know how. I grew up using this stuff .🤷🏽‍♀️

Thankfully there is usually a natural and healthier alternative to mainstream products. Annnnnd another win is no plastic waste! I have been trying to be more aware of the waste that we produce. We generally don’t eat out of or drink out of plastic because of the health risks anyway, so its a win for us and a win for our earth.

So without further ado…

You will need:

Coconut Oil (as your base, which also happens to have tons of benefits in and of itself)

Raven Essential Oil (a great respiratory and immune support blend)

Lemon Essential Oil (immune supporting, excretory system supporting)

Eucalyptus Essential Oil (helps support respiratory function)

& Tea Tree Essential Oil (an oil that is known for cleansing)

4 oz. Mason (or other canning) Jar

If you are not yet a member with Young Living, I am your plug! Go HERE to get your kit now.

Measure out 4oz of coconut oil

I just scooped mine into the mason and then transferred it over to a bowl for mixing

Add 10 drops of each oil (depending on your preference)

Use a metal whisk to mix

Mix until all contents have been blended together well

Transfer back to mason jar and allow to harden

Apply as needed 🙂

I hope you enjoy your final product! Let me know what your thoughts are and how yours turned out. I can’t wait to hear from you!




The safety of ingesting essential oils

The safety of ingesting essential oils is a hot topic in the crunchy (natural) world. Many people feel very strongly about their stances for their own reasons. So I decided to give my thoughts on the subject at hand. I am by no means a medical professional or an aromatherapist. I do not suggest that you ingest any questionable oils especially not ones purchased from your local health food store. The only oils I trust are Young Living’s.

When the safety of ingesting essential oils is disputed, most times people reference Robert Tisserand. The issue here is quite simple: Tisserand supports the British AROMATHERAPY school of thought. Young Living however follows the French model. Tisserand’s commentary is about PERFUME GRADE essential oils and individual constituents (not Young Living’s oils and how we interact with oils as a whole).

Merriam-Webster defines Aromatherapy as the inhalation or bodily application (as by massage) of fragrant essential oils. YOUNG LIVING’S oils are not fragrance oils. I mean yeah, they smell amazing, but that isn’t their intent. They are the original 100% therapeutic grade essential oils. Young Living is beyond organic— no pesticides, our (farm) land was never farmed on prior to our use, no other company owns the testing machines that YL does (other companies go off of limited testing results, and or paid testing results, which means less testing), SEED TO SEAL PROCESS— seeds are chosen with the intention of healing (not mere fragrance), the soil is fed, harvest times are very strategic, as is the distillation process which varies from plant to plant. Young Living is the only company that harvests each plant at it’s highest frequency. Members are encouraged to visit farms. I don’t know of any other company who can say this.

All of this to say, I choose to ingest oils because I know what my oils are made of, the intention of them, where they come from, and the crazy process that they go through to get planted, harvested, tested, bottled, and sent to my doorstep.


Essential Oil Infused Toilet Bombs

When cleaning the restroom your hope is that what you use to clean will be effective, germ fighting, and of course toxin free. Many green products on the market today are not as green as they claim to be, ineffective, or both.

Cleaning our bathroom is probably one of may least favorite chores because POOP is gross.

Usually I just whip up an easy soft scrub, which usually includes: thieves household cleaner, water, and baking soda. I decided to make these toilet bombs (which can also be used to clean tubs and sinks) for the ease of convenience. I used one this morning and it made cleaning the toilet a breeze. I simply threw the bomb in, let it fizzle out, then grabbed the toilet scrubber, and done.


Here is what you’ll need to make yours:

1½ cups of Baking Soda

½ cup of Citric Acid

20 drops of Thieves Essential Oil

1-2 tsp of water (I used thieves household cleaner that was already diluted in a small spray bottle)

A Cupcake Pan

Cupcake liners

OR you can use a silicone mold (These are really easy when it comes to removing the bombs and make the project zero waste)


1. Combine all of your dry ingredients and stir well.

2. Add Thieves essential oil and stir well.

3. Add your water or thieves household cleaner ½ teaspoon at a time. Using a spray bottle works well and makes it so that you have control over the texture of your bombs.

4. If using the cupcake sheet and liners, set each liner in each slot, and then fill each one about half way. Pressing down firmly each time you add the mixture.

If using a silicone mold simply add mixture to each mold and likewise, press down firmly.

I made a few in this gummy bear silicone mold that we use for our oil infused gummies.

5. Allow them to dry overnight, transfer over to an airtight container, and you are good to go. ✨

Try them and let me know what your thoughts are!

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Underarm Detox

Underarm detox— is your natural deodorant no longer working for ya? It’s probably because you need an underarm detox! Many who do this detox don’t even need to use deodorant afterwards. 🌿✨

2 Tbsps of Food Grade Bentonite Clay

1 Tsp of Filtered Water

1 Tsp of Organic Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar

3 drops of Young Living Melrose Essential Oil


Mix well and rub it into your underarms with your hands. Leave it on for 20 minutes before rinsing. Do this for 3-4 days in a row. Store the remainder in a glass container and refrigerate. 😊Enjoy.

Let me know how things go for you!

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Plastic Free July: how we reduce the plastic in our lives

How Plastic Free July brought my attention to how much single use plastic we purchase regularly. We already use less plastic than most because of the health effects of using it.  Here is how we reduce the plastic in our lives:

This post contains affiliate ads from which we receive a small commission from (this does not cost you anything extra).

Pyrex Snapware

We have tried other glass storage containers, these being the best that we have found. They are microwave, freezer, and oven safe. We have purchased two sets within the last four years and continue to get daily use out of them. Aside from glass being better for the earth and better for your health, glass is easier to clean, more durable than plastic, and does not hold on to odors colors from food.

These are good for sooooooo many different things, taking food with you on the go (lunches, snacks, etc.), using these to store food at home in place of ziplock bags (things like butter, meat products, chopped fruit, and the like), and of course using them to eat out of.

Each lid has a space for you to write on with a dry erase marker. (we honestly don’t use that at all because they’re clear and we can see what’s inside.)

Life Factory Glass Food Storage Containers

are also a great option. I don’t love the lids on these ones, but I do like the silicone that wraps around the containers. These guys are also freezer, oven, and microwave safe. We typically use these for taking snacks or small lunch sides on the go.


This is one of my favorite ways of reducing plastic waste. These reusable food wraps are washable, reusable, compostable, sustainable, and of course eco-friendly. (Oh and they smell amazing since they are made of beeswax.) We use these in the place of plastic wrap and ziplock bags. They adhere with the pressure and warmth of your hands. Maintenance is easy, wash with mild soap and warm water, refrain from using them to store meat products. Ours lasted over a year with lots of moving, and not much care. If we had taken better care of them I’m positive that they would have lasted even longer.

Silicone Food Storage Bags

Are another great option (which we have yet to try). I’ve seen many people rave about using these and the reviews are pretty good. We haven’t really needed these because we use the glassware and beeswrap.

Glass Straws

  • Beach cleanups pick up 5,000 plastic straws annually from area beaches.
  • Plastic straws make the top 10 list of litter items found during International Coastal Cleanup Day.


Straws are things that consumers use frequently, and many times we are not even asked whether we would like one or not, as it is the default in many restaurants. I chose glass rather than stainless steel straws because I just prefer glass to anything else. I usually just keep a straw in my car or backpack (which also doubles as a great option for the times when I forget my resuable bag at home or in the car -_-) When I don’t a glass straw handy I just request no straw in my drink.

Cloth Produce Bags

This one makes me laugh a bit because (sorry for outing you babe) Max gets so annoyed when I don’t use a bag for our produce. HAHA. It’s the fact that the produce rolls all over the conveyor belt as we checkout of a store. Cloth produce bags are the perfect replacement for single use plastic produce bags. Prior to eliminating the plastic version of these bags from our lives, we were reusing them to line our bathroom trash cans. Better than single use, I know, but eliminating them altogether is even better. 🙂 The ones that I linked are made of organic muslin cotton.

Glass Water Bottles

As you know I love glass, so I did love these Ello water bottles when I used them. The only cons of using this bottle were the weight of the bottle (when full and empty) and the small amount of water that they can hold (20 oz).


I really did not want to get a hydroflask, because it’s the brand that everyone uses, but I ended up going with it because of the wide mouth. I was looking at another great local brand but the mouth was narrower than the body of the bottle and I did not like that. Hydroflask really does live up to all of the hype. I love my 40oz. Don’t ask me whether it keeps drinks cold or not, because I don’t like cold water. HAHA. The reviews are all so great though so I know it does. The lid is plastic (but it’s obviously not single use) and it is BPA free.

Saving Glass Containers for Reuse and Buying From Local Bulk Food Store

You can read more about that on this previous post. Buying things in glass rather than plastic is not only better for your health, but better for the environment. We save our glass containers and even plastic Castile Soap containers so that we can refill them at our local bulk food store. If you are a maker or someone who uses mason jars, then you can save so much money by reusing things like spice, jam, nut butter, or pasta sauce glass containers. We have gotten so much use out of old honey jars. We actually use them for daily drinking glasses. I know that isn’t everyone’s vibe though.

& of course Reusable bags.

I know these are tricky because in our experience we either forget them at home or in the car. 😐 California has banned single use plastic bags for the most part so that’s a step in the right direction. Hopefully it causes people to at least consider why they are banned. Using a backpack as a “purse” has come in clutch for those times when I don’t have my reusable bags with me.


reuse recycle

About Plastic…

80% of all marine debris found in the ocean is land based, and 80-90% of the marine debris is made from plastic.

In the North Pacific Ocean there are 6x more plastic debris than there are plankton.

Plastic is one of the most widely used and cheapest materials in the world today. You can find it anywhere. If it’s not made from plastic, it’s wrapped in plastic. We use around 5 trillion plastic bags a year worldwide! The US alone throws away enough plastic bottles in a week to encircle the world 5 times. Only 1 to 3% of all plastics used are recycled. After we use them, we throw them away.

Plastic is Forever. They are not bio-degradable. Can you imagine that since plastic was invented, everything that has ever been made from this material still exists? In around 700 years they will start breaking up. They will not decompose or biodegrade and get absorbed by nature. They will “photo-degrade” – which means they will turn into little toxic bits of themselves. They are here to stay.


The Plastic Free July challenge really put our plastic problem into perspective for me. I had not realized how much single use plastic is used regularly, considering that I try my best to be aware of what I purchase and use. We went to a local grocery store on the 1st of July, and I wanted some ice cream and cookies. It was then that I realized that even things like cookies are first off wrapped in plastic and then held in place by a plastic rack. W I L D. That’s only one thing. Most processed good and even produce are wrapped and held in place by plastic.

I know that there are so many more ways to reduce single use plastic waste, so please do share your ideas, thoughts and suggestions!



Natural Jewelry Cleaner

Cleaning my ring takes some work since it isn’t a traditional engagement/wedding ring. I have a morganite engagement ring and two milgrain diamond wedding bands, which are all soldered together. Regardless of the type of ring or jewelry that you have, they must be cleaned. Doing so with a natural ring cleaner is a plus.

Why You Should Use a Natural Jewelry Cleaner

Your jewelry sits directly on your skin so cleaning it with non toxic products is a must. (Your skin absorbs up to 60% of what you apply topically) Most jewelers offer free ring cleaning services, but I’d rather do it myself with a natural jewelry cleaner. I don’t want any chemical yuck sitting on my skin. The cleaner that I use actually benefits my skin/me as a whole because it is infused with (the best) essential oils, and it of course gets the job done. My ring always looks just as amazing as the day that my husband proposed to me.


What You Will Need

A splash of warm water

A cup or small container (petri dish etc.)

An old or new toothbrush designated for cleaning your jewelry

½ capful of Thieves Household Cleaner (you can order yours HERE)




Add the ½ capful of Thieves cleaner to your cup or dish

Add a splash of warm water (I say warm because hot water alters the constituents of essential oils. Learn more about that HERE)

Drop your ring in and let it sit. I usually leave my ring in there for a solid few hours, while I clean the house or get ready. If you only have a few minutes that’s good enough.The cleaner works just as well if you just dip the tooth brush in and begin scrubbing your ring.

The size of the toothbrush is perfect for getting into all of the crevices of my ring.

…TADA. I’m sure you are amazed at the sparkly beauty that is your ring. 😉 This stuff really does the trick and it does so naturally.

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Easy Blender Gluten Free Banana Pancakes

These pancakes are great for day when you are on the go or just need to get something made on the fly. The more that you make these pancakes, the easier it’ll become to make it without measuring. Now I am able to just eye things out and they come out perfect every time.


½ Cup of Filtered Water

1  Egg

⅓ Cup of Raw Hemp Seeds

⅓ Cup of Oats (I use Bob’s Red Mill Quick Cooking Steel Cut Oats)

1 Tablespoon of Quinoa

1 Tablespoon of Chia Seeds

1  Banana

1 Tablespoon of Coconut Oil


Add all contents but the coconut oil to your blender

Blend for about a minute or until all contents are mixed well and consistency appears smooth

Place a large pan on medium-high heat and add 1 Tablespoon of coconut oil, add more coconut as needed

Pour the batter onto the pan in the sizes of your choice




This is my go to breakfast recipe. I love Pancakes!  It’s quick and packed with lots of great ingredients. I eat them without syrup or any other toppings because the banana is enough sweetness for me. Feel free to dress yours up with pure maple syrup or raw honey. This recipe is also great for waffles.

About the Ingredients



Whole eggs are among the most nutritious foods on the planet, containing a little bit of almost every nutrient we need.

Steel Cut Oats

Steel cut oats could be considered a “power food” because they are an excellent source of protein, soluble and insoluble fiber and select vitamins and minerals. The benefits of steel cut oats exceed the benefits of rolled oats because of the way they are processed. Steel cut oats are dense and chewy as a result of being passed through sharp, steel blades that cut them into thin slices that helps retain more fiber and protein. Steel cut oats, just as any whole oats, make a healthy addition to your regular diet. They contain fiber, protein, and iron.

Hemp seeds

Hemp seeds are rich in healthy fats and essential fatty acids. They are also a great protein source and contain high amounts of vitamin E, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, magnesium, sulfur, calcium, iron and zinc.

About 25% of the calories in hemp seeds come from protein. Hemp seeds contain all the essential amino acids, making them a complete protein source.


Protein, fiber, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, folate, copper, iron, zinc, potassium vitamins B1, B2 and B6, small amounts of calcium, B3 (niacin) and vitamin E.

It contains large amounts of flavonoids, including quercetin and kaempferol. These are potent plant antioxidants with numerous health benefits.

Quinoa is much higher in fiber than most grains, with one source finding 17-27 grams of fiber per cup.

Quinoa is naturally free of gluten and using it instead of typical gluten-free ingredients can increase the antioxidant and nutrient value of a gluten-free diet.

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are among the most nutritious foods on the planet. They are loaded with fiber, protein, Omega-3 fatty acids and various micronutrients.

These seeds are high in antioxidants that help to protect the delicate fats in the seeds. They also have various benefits for health.

Almost all of the carbohydrates in chia seeds are fiber. This gives them the ability to absorb 10-12 times their weight in water. Fiber also has various beneficial effects on health.

Let me know what you think, comment, like and share.





Natural Eyelash Growth Serum

The Scoop

Eyelashes play a big role in your daily get up. I have found that a good mascara and some lip balm can do wonders and change up your whole look from frumpy and tired to a bright eyed natural look.

I have always had fairly long lashes. However, regular use of mascara leaves many lash casualties at the end of me removing my make up and going through my cleansing routine. When I first got started with Young Living one of the first things that I started implementing into my beauty routine was adding lavender to my bottle of mascara. It helps with eyelash nourishment and growth.

Later, I saw an instagram friend (Sweetjamieleejoy) post about her oil infused eyelash serum. This girl has the most beautiful long natural lashes. My interest was immediately piqued. I asked her what the ingredients were and shortly after placed an order for the supplies that I needed (aside from the oils). Once I received my materials I got to work on creating ratios that worked for me. Trial and error of course. Initially the first batch that I created had way too many drops of essential oils because the scent was too strong for my eyes. Second time was a charm!

Supplies + Ingredients:

Young Living’s Cedarwood Essential Oil

Young Living’s Lavender Essential Oil

Young Living’s Rosemary Essential Oil

Empty Mascara Tubes

Castor Oil

*Disclaimer: I only recommend the use of the most pure and natural therapeutic essential oils (Young Living). I am not responsible for any damage created by or caused by use of adulterated essential oils. Oil purity is extremely important as FDA onlyrequires 5-10% of the actual oil in order for an oil to be labeled 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oil. When in fact the rest could be fillers, solvents, chemicals, or otherwise.

Sanitize the mascara tubes and other parts prior to use.

Add two drops of each essential oil to the mascara tube

Fill about ¾ of the tube with castor oil

Add rubber insert and seal with wand/lid

Apply nightly before bed

& ✨✨✨

Important Info

If at any point you get an essential oil in your eye, DO NOT FLUSH WITH WATER.

Water drives the oils, and will in turn intensify the discomfort.

Grab a carrier oil (jojoba oil, castor oil, olive oil, or coconut oil, etc.) and gently put some in your eye. Rest your eyes until discomfort is over.

I would love to see your before and afters!

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Essential Oil Infused Gummies

After much trial and error (I got it right the 4th time), I finally figured out a recipe that works and tastes amazing.

SCROLL DOWN for the background on these gummies.

Ingredients & Supplies

Gummy Bear Molds

Unflavored Gelatin

¼ cup of Filtered Water

¼ cup of Unsweetened Almond Milk

1½ teaspoon of Raw Honey or your sweetener of choice to taste.

& of course the vitality oils of your choice! We used Lemon and Cinnamon Bark Vitality Oils.


To purchase Young Living oils click HERE!


  1. Bring water to a boil (I just use our Bonavita Kettle)
  2. Pour the cold almond milk into a mixing bowl, and sprinkle the contents of one envelope of gelatin over the milk. Let sit for 1 minute.
  3. Pour your hot water into a small glass and stir in honey until dissolved. (If using another sweetener this step is not necessary.)
  4. Add hot water to mixing bowl and stir
  5. Add in 1-2 drops of desired oil, to taste. If you know anything about EOs, then you know that a little goes a long way. I did 2 drops of Lemon Vitality + 2 drop of Cinnamon Bark Vitality.

This recipe makes enough to fill about two gummy molds. Use this recipe as a template, substitute NingXia for the almond milk, or double the amounts if you wish. 🙂

Story behind the gummies

During this last holiday season a friend of mine who got her Young Living Premium Starter Kit for Christmas made oil infused gummies as gifts for people. They were incredible. I ate them all up in one sitting because they were so delicious. I didn’t ever get the recipe from her so I tried (and failed many times) until I finally found the right ratios. I am so glad that I stuck it out and made it work. These are great treats for grown-ups and kiddos alike. I see it as another way to get the benefits of my amazing oils down the hatch (Learn more about how to use oils here.), to incorporate gelatin into my family’s diet, and of course just a tasty treat.


Definition: a substance that inhibits oxidation, especially one used to counteract the deterioration of stored food products.

Antioxidants are crucial to your health as they are believed to help control how fast you age by combating free radicals, which are at the heart of age related deterioration.

Your body produces free radicals as a result of normal metabolism and energy production. Free radicals are a biological response to environmental toxins, such as cigarette smoke, chemicals, sunlight, cosmic and manmade radiation, and even a key feature of pharmaceutical drugs. Free radicals are also produced when you have inflammation in your body and when you exercise.

Free radicals seek to steal electrons from many of the proteins in your body and can also result in damage to your DNA and other cell structures.

An antioxidant is a molecule capable of inhibiting the oxidation of another molecule. Antioxidants break the free radical chain of reactions by sacrificing their own electrons to feed free radicals, without becoming free radicals themselves.

They are all electron donors.

Antioxidants are nature’s way of defending your cells against attack by reactive oxygen species (ROS). Your body naturally circulates a variety of nutrients for their antioxidant properties and manufactures antioxidant enzymes in order to control these destructive chain reactions. For example, vitamin C, vitamin E, carotenes, and lipoic acid are well-known and well-researched antioxidant nutrients.

Your body can manufacture some of these antioxidants, but not others. And your body’s natural antioxidant production tends to decline with age.

Dr. Mercola

Essential oils have so many incredible health benefits one of which is the unbelievable antioxidant content.

Tufts University developed the Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity assay (ORAC) as a method of assaying the antioxidant capacity of common foods. The ORAC assay is the most sensitive and reliable method of calculating food’s antioxidant value against the second most common free radical in the human body, peroxyl.

Blueberries which are widely known to be high in antioxidants have an ORAC value of 2,400

One drop of Young Living’s Thyme Essential has the ORAC value of 159,590 !!!!!


Gelatin is known to improve skin health, provide protein, aid in digestion, support the joints, and support a good night’s sleep, among many other things.

The benefits are all just additional benefits of a these little treats.

Let me know what you think!






DIY Essential Oil Infused Foaming Hand soap 

You’ll need:

a foaming soap dispenser (We resused the ones from our thieves foaming handsoap)

1/3 cup of Plain (unscented Castile Soap)

2/3 cup of filtered water

20 drops of the essential oil of your choice (This time we used Citrus Fresh, Max is all about the citrus oils)
Pour all ingredients into dispenser & shake. TADA… That is all.



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