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How to make your own Kombucha.

First off you need to have a SCOBY. I wrote a how to on a previous post (click HERE to access it).



6 bags of PLAIN Black Tea (We use an organic black tea by Choice teas, available on Amazon. I chose this tea because it is organic and the tea bags are not plastic… plastic+heat are not a good combo. We try to avoid plastic at all costs.) The tea needs to be plain black tea because if it isn’t the oils of added flavors will hinder/destroy the fermentation process.

1 Cup of Sugar (We use an organic raw cane sugar from Costco) It needs to be plain sugar. It cannot be coconut sugar or a sugar substitute. The sugar is what will feed your SCOBY.

12 Cups of filtered water


1 Large glass container (one with a spout works best)

1 Large pot

1 Mixing spoon

1 Kitchen towel

1 Large rubber band

Add water and tea bags into a large pot, bring to a boil.

Stir in the sugar while it is still hot.

Allow sweetened tea to cool.

Once completely cool strain out all of the liquid from each tea bag and remove tea bags.

Pour tea into a glass container preferably one with a spout.

Leave the lid off and place the towel over the the mouth of your glass container, place the rubber band around the diameter of the mouth.

Store in a cool dark place.

& Now…. WE WAIT.

Allow your Kombucha to ferment for about 10 days. If you live in a colder area or are brewing a batch during a colder season the fermentation process will take longer. To gauge the fermentation process you can pour yourself a bit and taste it.

Once you have allowed your batch to ferment it is time for flavoring.

I like to use fresh fruit. You can use dried herbs (I recently made ROSE KOMBUCHA! It was incredible), frozen fruit, fruit purees, and of course fresh fruit.

To flavor your Kombucha, REMOVE your SCOBY. Place it in a sealed container (we use a mason jar) and refrigerate it for future use.

You will want to use about 1 tsp of fruit per cup of kombucha. With this ratio you would use 12 tsps. It really just depends on how you like it.

Add your fruit or herbs and allow to ferment for one full day. Place the towel and rubber band over the mouth of the jar once more.

After a day of flavoring remove all fruit/herbs pour your kombucha into airtight containers and refrigerate.

Sometimes I can’t wait to try it especially when I have used a new flavor. When I am that impatient I’ll grab some ice and pour myself a bit.

Remember to store your SCOBY in a cool dark place. Ours stays in the cupboard in a sealed mason jar when it is not in use.


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DIY Essential Oil Infused Face Wash

Finding a safe face wash can be challenging and expensive.

Learn how to create your own toxin free essential oil infused facial cleanser.

It’s not enough to remove your make up. You should also be cleansing your skin. Guilty. I don’t always use a facial cleanser after removing my make up. Most nights I feel accomplished if the dishes are done, my make up is removed and my teeth are brushed.

This foaming face wash is simple to make and convenient to use.


Here is what you’ll need:

A foaming hand soap dispenser that holds at least 8oz of liquid. (I reuse my Thieves Foaming Hand Soap dispensers)

3 oz Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Liquid Soap – Baby Unscented, 32oz.

30 Drops of the skin supporting Essential Oils of your choice – I only recommend the use of Young Living’s Essential Oils. Order your Young Living Oils HERE. I like to use Lavender and Frankincense.

1/3 cup of Distilled Water

1/2 Tsp of Witch Hazel

Combine all ingredients in soap dispenser, fasten lid, and shake.

Use 1-2 pumps per wash!


Let me know what your thoughts are.

xx Bobbie




DIY Essential Oil Dry Shampoo

If you are anything like me then you don’t wash your hair every day. I’m not on a particular schedule per say. I just go as long as I can until my hair gets too gross.

This Dry Shampoo will tide you over in between washes! It absorbs well and it smells amazing, plus it’s essential oil infused. Any time that oils have contact with you, you’re receiving some amazing support.

The only essential oils that I recommend are Young Living’s Essential oils. They have a Seed to Seal promise. The human’s sense of smell is unlike any other sense. The things that we smell reach the limbic system of our brains. The limbic system is the seat of the emotions. Therefore I only use the best oils on the market. Young Living has been around for over 20 years and owns their own farms and has partner farms all over the world. Their farms have very specific guidelines and standards. Learn more about that HERE.

For this recipe I used Cedarwood and Bergamot Essential oils.

Ingredients & Supplies

Young Living’s Bergamot Essential Oil

Young Living’s Cedarwood Essential Oil

-Arrowroot Powder (is what I used) or Corn Starch

If you have dark hair you can use cocoa powder instead of a white base. My hair is really dark but the arrowroot powder is so fine that the white isn’t noticeable.

-An empty spice bottle that has the shaker top. (I usually save my empties so I had mine on hand) You could also use a small canning jar and puncture holes in the lid. (If you puncture holes in the lid you won’t be able to carry this around in your purse, unless you bring the punctured top and a normal top.)


Fill your container about 3/4 of the way with your arrowroot powder or cornstarch

add 5 drops of Bergamot

add 2 drops of Cedarwood


SHAKE it like a salt shaker. (Real dang hard).

That is all.




This stuff works wonders.


Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.







Brussels Sprouts Recipe


20 Brussels Sprouts

4 Slices of Bacon

Pepper to taste

Salt to Taste (I like Himalayan Pink and Sea Salt)

Onion Powder to Taste (optional)



1. Heat a medium sized pan to medium heat

2. Place your bacon on the pan and cook it

3. Begin to prepare your Brussels Sprouts by washing them and slicing them in halves


4. Once the bacon is cooked to your desired wellness remove the bacon and set on a cutting board. Leave the pan on the stove.

5. Once bacon is cool enough, cut it the slices into inch long pieces and set aside

6. Using the pan that you used for bacon, place the Brussels into the pan and begin to cook them

Add your seasonings. You can get creative here. Sometimes I like to add coconut aminos (which is used as a soy sauce substitute)

They should be cooked on medium heat—for about 15-20 minutes depending on how you like them. Remember if you cook them too long they taste BITTER.😷
7. Once your Brussels are cooked to perfection transfer them over to a bowl and mix in your bacon.

About the Recipe

This meal is one that I eat multiple times a week. It doesn’t take much thought or planning and is easy to execute. You only need one pan!

Recently three different people have asked me for recipes so by the third time I realized that it was confirmation that I need to post my recipes up here. I love wellness and I love food!

About 99% of what I make is eyed out. There arent any real measurements. I am definitely a taste tester. SO with that said this will be a good little challenge for me to create measurements and detailed instructions.

I hope you enjoy the recipes.

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How to make a Kombucha SCOBY

Before we begin I am by no means a professional Kombucha maker. I started making my own after a friend of mine gave me a SCOBY and taught me how to make it. Making my own Kombucha has become a delicious money saving hobby of mine.

What is a SCOBY?

SCOBY is an acronym that stands for Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast. It is the live bacteria and yeast that ferment the tea and create the delicious fizz and tart taste in our beloved kombucha.The SCOBY covers up the fermenting tea. It shields it  from the air and unwanted bacteria.



1 bottle of Original (unflavored) Organic Raw Kombucha. I use GT’s


1 12oz mason jar

1 paper towel

1 rubber band

About 1 month’s time.

1. Open your GT’s Original Kombucha and pour it into the mason jar slowly. You may have noticed some gooey looking stuff on the bottom of the bottle. You will want to get as much of that into your mason jar as possible. This will aid in forming your SCOBY. This is actually a small SCOBY beginning to form. (See photo above)

2. Drink some of the Kombucha from the bottle to create space for the rest of the Kombucha. Once there are only a few inches of Kombucha left in the original bottle swirl it around to make sure that you get all of the baby SCOBY into the mason.

3. Place your paper towel over the mouth of the mason and then place your rubber band around the mouth securing the paper towel.


&NOW WE WAIT. Wait for about four weeks (If you live in a colder region it may take longer). Store it in a cool dark place. The temperature should never exceed 70 degrees. If it does it could create mold rendering the SCOBY no good.


Waiting is the hardest part for me! I usually check on it every so often to see the progress.

I will update this post with photos of the progress. 🙂

Have fun!



DIY Bath Bombs Young Living Make and Take 


1/4 Cup Epsom Salt or Sea Salt

1/4 Cup Citric Acid

1/2 Cup Baking Soda

2 Tablespoons of a carrier oil (I used Sweet Almond Oil)

5 drops of the Young Living Essential Oil of your choice

A dash of food grade Organic Flowers (optional)


One Medium Sized Mixing Bowl

One Metal Whisk

Measuring Spoons

One Measuring Cup

Bath Bomb Molds (The ones that we used are pretty big, I would choose smaller ones. This recipe is only good for one if you use these molds)


1. Combine all dry ingredients (except for the flowers).

Mix with a whisk until all ingredients are evenly dispersed.

2. Once dry ingredients are dispersed evenly, add your carrier oil 

*Note: if using regular (not fractionated coconut oil) heat up your coconut oil on the stove so that it is in liquid form and cooled prior to adding to mixture. 

Continue to whisk. The consistency should be reminiscent of sand.

3. Next add 5 drops of your desired Young Living Essential Oil. We used peppermint because it is cost effective, soothing to sore muscles, refreshing, and helps create focus. We also thought it would go well with the roses. Whisk to disperse the oil evenly.

4. Add a dash of your flowers to one bath mold and pack the mixture on top of them. 

Then add the mixture to the second half of the mold.

5. This may be a little tricky for you.. grab both halves and slowly press them together at an angle.

6. Set a hair tie around the mold to keep it in place

7. Allow to sit for at least 24 hours.

Why Young Living Essential Oils?

Young Living is the leading essential oil brand. The company has been around for over 22 years. Our founder Gary Young coined the term 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade. Young Living owns its own farms and has partner farms which we allow and encourage members to visit. We have a Seed To Seal promise. From the time the seed is sourced until the oil is sealed in the bottle, we apply rigorous quality controls to ensure that you are receiving essential oils exactly the way nature intended. They are PURE. No fillers, no synthetics, no carrier oils unless otherwise stated (blends for example sometimes include a carry oil). To learn more information about Young Living or to become a member click HERE.

Where is the color?

Good question.

Fake food dyes are not only a risk in the foods that you consume. Up to 60% of what we put on our skin can be absorbed. The skin is the largest organ that we have. Being freshly shaved along with the mucous membranes of our bodies make for more easy absorption.

No thanks!


Fragrance is a big one that most people don’t know about. I myself used to be slightly obsessed with perfume. Once I learned the truth behind the words “Fragrance”, “Parfum”, and “Perfume” I threw all of my synthetically scented products away! I’m talking expensive perfumes.

 It is not worth it. 

Every choice that we make whether it is the food we eat or the chemicals that we slather on our bodies via lotion, cleansers, or shampoos have a cost. 

As I was saying, the words “Fragrance”, “Parfum”, and “Perfume” can all be interpreted as “hidden chemicals”. A major loophole in the FDA’s federal law allows manufacturers of products such as shampoo, lotion, and body wash include nearly any ingredient under those words without listing the actual chemicals. Fragrances and trade secrets are not required to be listed on labels. Phthalates (also very bad for you) are used to make fragrances last longer.

Synthetic fragrances are among the top 5 known allergens, and can cause and trigger asthma attacks. It may trigger dermatitis, respiratory distress, and can potentially have effects on the reproductive system.

Again, I urge you to check out the Think Dirty App, get scanning!

Here is a synopsis of why conventional store bought bath bombs should be avoided:

Common bath bomb fragrance ingredients are synthetic and can cause hormone disruption and increase your risk of diseases like type 2 diabetes, breast cancer and infertility, among other ailments.

Popular bath fizzy ingredients are linked to ailments like asthma, eczema, ADHD, cancer and other diseases.

Food dyes common in bath bombs can be absorbed through broken, irritated or recently shaved skin. From there, it goes straight into your bloodstream. Some food dyes are linked to cancer, ADHD, allergic reactions and more.

Common bath bomb ingredients are linked to urinary tract and vaginal yeast infections.

Glitter used in store-bought and homemade bath bombs can pollute water once they wash down the drain.

Boric acid is sometimes used in DIY bath bomb recipes and in store-bought versions. I would avoid it because there’s strong evidence it acts like a hormone disruptor in humans. It’s banned for use in cosmetics in Canada and Japan.


Set up this make and take station with the equipment ready for each person. Depending on what you desire you may have the ingredients measured out and placed in the mixing bowl prior to your guests’ arrival. You may also have your guests measure the ingredients out themselves. Either or.

If you are using this for a make and take Read the bottom informational portion to your guests before beginning the make and take process. Enjoy!

I would also recommend using plastic molds for a make and take so that your guests can take them home. The bombs are required to sit so that they take shape and stay in place.


Nut Milk Recipe


1 cup of Nuts of your choice (I use plain organic cashews)

4 cups of water


a nut milk bag

a blender

a large mixing bowl

a container that you are able to seal (mason jar etc.)

Optional: Raw Honey or other sweetener to taste (I do not sweeten mine)

Many store-bought nut milks are full of harmful additives like synthetic vitamins, sweeteners, inflammatory vegetable oils, homogenizing agents, and the like. The ingredient carrageenan which is in many nut milks could be causing inflammation, gut irritation, and even cancer.


Pour the water into the large mixing bowl

Add the cup of your choice of nuts to the bowl

Allow nuts to soak for 8 hours. Soaking the nuts in water sprouts them. This increases vitamin content and makes the nuts easier to digest. If you are using hemp seeds soaking is unnecessary.

After soaking pour contents of mixing bowl into blender and blend on high for one minute.

Once contents are blended grab your container (which you will store your nut milk in) place the nut milk bag in the container. I roll mine up and wrap it around the mouth of the container, adding a rubber band around the mouth will help keep the bag up.

Begin to pour the contents of the blender into the container. It will take some time for the milk to get through the strainer. Once you have poured all of the contents into your container remove the nut bag and squeeze all remaining nut milk into the container.

If you do choose to sweeten your nut milk now would be the time to add desired amount of sweetener of your choice.

Note: I only use 3 cups of water so that the milk turns out creamier. 😉





-Organic Zucchinis (4 were enough for one very large serving, 10 would be ideal for 2-3 people).

-Garlic Powder

-Ground Pepper

-Sea Salt

You will need a julienne peeler or a zoodle maker. I have the Uberchef Julienne peeler. I got it on Amazon You may purchase it here. (for around $10.00). It is so sharp and it works as a regular peeler as well.

Wash and peel your zucchinis and begin slicing them into zoodles using the julienne (the more serrated) side.

Heat about 1 tbs of olive oil for 4 zucchinis, 2 tbs for the 10; in a large pan on medium heat.

Once you are done creating the zoodles add them to the pan. Be sure the oil is hot prior to adding the zoodles.

Add your spices to taste.

Cook for about 10 minutes stirring occasionally to make sure that all of the zoodles get cooked.

We like our vegetables a little more on the al dente side. You don’t want to overcook. Once they are at a consistency that you enjoy remove from heat and serve with your favorite meat etc.

My husband and I are gluten free so this has been such a treat for us! We love this alternative. We have yet to try it with pasta sauce.




My Family's Fried Chicken Recipe

-Chicken Breast (as much as you’d like to eat)
-1-2 eggs (depending on how much chicken you make)
-Flour or flour alternative (We are now gluten free so we use rice flour, but used to use regular flour) i would begin with 1/2 cup of the flour and add more as needed.
and garlic to taste.
-Olive oil, coconut oil or vegetable (sesame is good too 😉 )
1. Heat the oil in a pan on medium heat.
2. Scramble the egg
3. Set the flour on a large plate or in a large bowl.
4. Cut the chicken into about half inch pieces.
5.Use a fork to soak your chicken in the egg.
6. Once the chicken is all covered in egg, transfer it over to the flour and make sure it is covered (the flour is the breading).
7. Add spices to taste.

8. Set the flour covered chicken in your pan and fry until golden brown (or longer if desired).


Gluten Free Cookies



1 Cup of Butter (Softened)

1/2 Cup of Sugar

1/2 Cup of Brown Sugar

2 Eggs

1 Teaspoon of Vanilla

2 1/4 Cups of Rice Flour

1 Teaspoon of Baking Soda

2 Teaspoons of Xanthan Gum

1 Teaspoon of Salt

12 oz. of Chocolate chips (or white chocolate, etc.)

Coconut oil (for greasing the cookie sheet)


Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Start off by mixing all of the dry ingredients together.

Once that is done you may begin adding the wet materials.

Get everything mixed in well!

Grease your cookie sheet and then place small balls of dough on your cookie sheet.

Bake for 8-10 minutes NO LONGER.
Allow the cookies to dry on a cookie rack or a plate.


Whenever I am looking for a recipe I want to know exactly what I will need. I dislike having to scroll all the way down tons of wording to get to the part that I actually care about. I want the recipe not a long story. I came across this recipe on Pinterest ( However, I altered it a bit (lessened the sugars, used coconut oil for greasing my pan). My husband does not feel well after consuming gluten. Hence, why I was in search of a gluten free cookie recipe. Gluten free cookies are usually known to be tasteless and stale, however you will love these.